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About McKenzie Farms

McKenzie “Ken” Cook started SIGNATURE TREES in 1991. His thirty years of experience in the retail / wholesale horticultural field provided the background and understanding required to grow a quality Christmas tree. Moreover, guided by his association with Walt Disney, he also strived to transform the traditional business / customer relationship; the customer came to be viewed as a guest in all business interactions. In short, the concept was quite simple; grow and procure the highest quality Christmas trees in the industry for those appreciating the very best in quality, shipping, and service.

The McKenzie Farms “Signature Tree” has become the standard of excellence in the industry. Each tree is hand selected by the owners, management, and experienced McKenzie Farm’s Team members. The density, color, and fullness of each “Signature Tree” selected must meet rigid standards of quality.

SIGNATURE TREES was sold to COLOR SPOT in 1998; it was repurchased in 2001 by Ken and renamed McKenzie Farms. The family owned business includes daughter Carey Anderson, son-in-law John Anderson, and son Thomas Cook. The same standards of excellence that inspired the creation of SIGNATURE TREES are now the established hallmark of McKenzie Farms.

Our Team of professionals is experienced, customer driven, results oriented, and most importantly, dedicated to the on-time delivery of high quality Christmas trees for your particular needs.

We believe that the “spirit of Christmas” lives within each McKenzie Farms Christmas tree. We invite you to call us and/or come to Oregon to visit our plantations to see our “McKenzie Farms Advantage.”

Quality Signature Christmas Trees Since 1990

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